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  Wuhan Coland Aquatic Products and Food Co.,Ltd., as one of the subsidiaries of Hong Kong Coland Group, has four major business systems consisting of fish feed, aquatic products, aquiculture and logistics, as well as an industrialized high-tech agricultural technology consortium integrating R&D, production and marketing of a great varieties of high-tech-based agricultural products in central China.

  The company has dedicated plot of 170MU (1MU=1/15 hectare) in land area, total investment of RMB 220 million, including 10000㎡ thermostatic sterilized processing room, -20℃ freezer with capacity up to 10000T, 5000㎡fish fry base, 10000㎡ fish feeds depot, 16 production lines of internationally advanced technology with annual productivity up to 60000T aquatic products, 20000T extraction from processing wastes of fish and crawfish and 200000T extruded feed materials. The company has extensive fishery area of 300000MU in mainland China, making the company a leader in Chinese aquiculture industry in improving local standard of life and resulting phenomenal social influence of promotion.

  Wuhan Coland has been registered sanitary certificate in US FDA and EU EEC (Registration No.4200/02043).The main items is crawfish series, channel catfish products,Tilapia products, Grass Carp and so on to US, EU, the middle east,Japan and Korea markets.

  Coland’s Objectives

  Coland relies upon brand-new threshold leading to the highway of environment friendliness, highly efficiency, non-pollution, extensive industry and grand strategy. We’re informed of the definite and aspiring business orientation, i.e. cultivate localized regional economic leading industry, dedicate to become industrial pacemaker in the field of processing freshwater products in China, and create No.1 Name-Brand of Industrialization of Chinese Freshwater Fish Industry.

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